On 2015 (as told through facebook posts)

Interviewing in January for USF

Looking good because of Alyssa and her cutting skills, feeling loose because of Brianne’s magic touch, and feeling great because my mom is looking out for me!

First interview, best interview!



I did not get into medical school this application cycle (well, I’m waitlisted at USF Morsani, but I can’t bank on a maybe so let’s say I’m rejected there as well)

Thought I would save everyone from what could be seen as an awkward interaction! It’s my fault for not applying ASAP when I knew it was a rolling admissions process– I should’ve known the neurotic pre-med folk would create a big queue and push me out if I took my time!

But, this isn’t the worst thing. I am making a great living as a coach for EverProven CrossFit, CrossFit Juggernaut, and Great Bay Rowing Club. I have just started repping Blonyx in the northeast region. I have started a life-coaching practice that is helping people mindfully change their lives. At ChildLight Yoga, I’m going to get my 200hr teacher training while I get my feet wet. Things are good.

I am not done with my desire to help and heal others. I am doing it now and I don’t need an MD next to my name to do it! I’m going to make a run at this coaching thing professionally for a good while, and I may revisit the idea of graduate school in the future. Maybe with a DO or DC, instead. Who knows!

But for now, there’s coaching to be done! And weights to lift! And joints to mobilize! 🙂


Life is weird.

A few weeks ago, I came to grips with the idea that I will not be attending medical school this cycle. The waitlist is a lonely, quiet place and I had to move on and move forward.

On Thursday, I get a call from Tampa, FL telling me that they’ve expanded the class size and I’m accepted into USF Morsani’s SELECT program.

It’s been an emotional confusing past few days, to say the least! I like restrictions in my life because I can work around them. Choices and options are difficult.

I’m still stewing over this life-bomb, but I wanted to thank you all for being supportive through this odd time.

Things are weird and I feel that they are only going to get weirder.

Moving to Florida

My dearest New Hampshire,

tldr; I am heading down south to Tampa, FL for med school on Thursday. Goodbyes are weird because I can keep in touch with you so easily. I’ll list below some ways you can follow me and my adventures.

I love you and it’s tough to leave.

It’s been a weird and awesome two years, NH. I’ve grown tremendously since coming back into your life. You get a nasty case of SAD during the winter, but playing with you during the summer is totally worth the yearly mood swing.

You introduced me to a couple CrossFit gyms in the area, EverProven CrossFit and CrossFit Juggernaut. They are filled with amazing athletes and I can’t believe they let me coach them. I know the next year will be big for both of them and I am glad they have such strong teams to take them there.

You also convinced me to go back and coach at my high school crew team, Great Bay Rowing. This experience, through extended trials and many errors, showed me who I wanted to be and what it will take to get there. They are also going through some changes, but I know that their espirit de corps will take them far and farther than they know.

I will look back very fondly on this time we had together, though I hope to see you again soon.


First day of classes


I get back from a delicious two hour float sesh off in space, with an exam tomorrow and a new moon + the Jewish new year tonight, I confront a giant flying cockroach in my kitchen while preparing dinner (safely released the little fella outside… nearly gave me a heart attack).

I think it’s a sign- time for bed!


Leaving the med school around midnight on a Friday night, the weekend before a neuro exam, halfway through November, I stop short while walking to my car.

It feels like a New Hampshire fall night, the air is cool and dry, and I finally feel at home in Tampa.

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