20151007 – Wednesday

MOBILITY – pec smash!


MINDFULNESS – make smaller circles 🙂


Today’s mobility work is a great way to open up the chest with a lax ball. Options utilizing a wall/corner or a stool are presented– both are awesome, but stool is spicier 🙂

Fight the habit of gross internal rotation and give your shoulders a bit of slack! Your pecs are probably brutally tight and this is a great way to open them up– think of your chest and the butt of your legs and you’ll start to realize how much work they do for ya!

Today’s mindfulness work is to consider making smaller circles, or the mindful practice of making big problems into smaller, more manageable chunks.

Easier said than done, but when we come against incredible internal resistance or our amazing abilities to come up with excuses, we have two choices– fall victim to our own negative creativity, or find a way around it!

Making smaller circles is mental jiu-jitsu/tai chi and finding a way around seemingly intractable problems.

Rather than focusing on the totality of the problem, focus on a small and easily conquered portion of the issue. Then, having made progress in the problem when before it seemed like all-or-nothing, you can move onto another chunk, or another small circle.

This is how the novice slowly but surely becomes a master. It is not achieved in some quick montage with awesome music in the background– it is done slowly and mindfully over a long period of time. By focusing on the right circles at the right points in development, you can even accelerate your progress and move faster toward your goal.

Make smaller circles to make bigger gainz.

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