20150930 – Wednesday

MOBILITY – crank open those flexor muscles in the forearm!


MINDFULNESS – work on some alternate nostril breathing!


Today’s mobility work is a simple finger extension crank while focusing on the breath.

Stuck at a desk or in a boring meeting? This simple routine will reawaken your hands and your mind! Most athletes spend a lot of time flexing the fingers and not a lot of time in extension. Time to give those fingers some love 🙂

By pulling and extending during the inhale, you set yourself up in a strong braced position. By exhaling mindfully when braced, you can release a bit of tension and really feel the crank rather than just going through the motions.

Ten breaths can turn your whole day around!

Today’s mindfulness work is to play with your nostrils a bit 😛

We naturally alternate our dominate nostrils about once every twenty or thirty minutes. This is a mindless process that your body does for you, but when you take control of your nostrils it’s much like taking control of your breath! It’s a powerful reset of your overall nervous system.

Try this out, it’s a little weird to start but once you get the hang of blowing air out of the opposite nostril, it’s pretty cool!

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