20150925 – Friday

MOBILITY – use a large ball to gut smash and open up your diaphragm!


MINDFULNESS – consider float therapy!


Today’s mobility work is a gut-refresher! The gut smash is a great way to open up stuck tissues around the diaphragm and give you back some of your big lungs.

Done a ton of toe-to-bar, abmat/GHD situps? This will open you up in ways you didn’t know you were tight!

Just make sure that you don’t sort of need to go to the bathroom before this– because you’ll REALLY need to go after a few moments of gut smashing 😛

Today’s mindfulness work is to consider floating, or sensory deprivation therapy!

This is a great therapeutic tool in your mindfulness arsenal– the many clinical applications range from anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, and insomnia!
Additionally, it is a profound mental maintenance modality that complements bodywork/massage, daily meditation, and mindful movement practices such as yoga.

In this video, the What, Why, Who, Where, and When of floating is addressed! Please consider looking up your nearest float tank and going to a quick journey to outer space 🙂

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