20150921 – Monday

MOBILITY – open up your clenched jaw! gentle lax ball smash 🙂


MINDFULNESS – do some box breathing and work on your hand yoga!


Today’s mobility work is to give your jaw some love.

I tend to clench my jaw when I lift, so much so that I got a bite guard so at least I won’t lose any teeth! But, this means I hold a lot of tension in my jaw and I need to release it every once in a while!

You might be the same way and this is a great mobilization to do. You can definitely use a lax ball for this, but it’ll be a bit rough. Remember, this is your face! Be gentle and patient.

Mudras, or essentially hand yoga, is a great way to help keep the body and mind occupied during box breathing and meditation. Lots of names for these mudras, but really just experiment and find what works best for you!

Now do some box breathing!

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