20150918 – Friday

MOBILITY – inner and outer ankle smash with a lax ball!


MINDFULNESS – consider the importance of movement, not just a standing desk!


Today’s mobility work is to give those ankles some love!

From walking and running, we accumulate a lot of junk in our ankles, especially on the inner/outer sides.

Most of the muscles that run from the calf through the ankle and into the foot are mostly tendon by the time they hit the ankle.

They need to slide and glide across the ligaments and other soft tissues within the ankle, but sometimes they get gummed up from overuse or lack of love.

Take a lax ball, open those tissues up, and see how it feels!

Discussion of the standing desk solution to immobile lifestyle positioning.

It is essential to remember that standing is not a panacea for sitting. Movement is the key that addresses the root issue of immobility and stagnant lymphatic and cardiovascular circulation.

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