20150916 – Wednesday

MOBILITY – chest/pec lax ball smash! open up all those matted down tissues 🙂


MINDFULNESS – consider the gift of a seed!


Today’s mobility work is a great way to open up the chest with a lax ball. Options utilizing a wall/corner or a stool are presented– both are awesome, but stool is spicier 🙂

Fight the habit of gross internal rotation and give your shoulders a bit of slack! Your pecs are probably brutally tight and this is a great way to open them up– think of your chest and the butt of your legs and you’ll start to realize how much work they do for ya!

Consider the gift of a seed!

The more I think about it, the more I think that this is really the only true gift. Giving someone a seed is giving someone the chance to grow and do things you never really imagined– the gift of potential.

Giving someone a thousand dollars is awesome, but giving someone a lesson in how to cook can change their life.

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