20150911 – Friday

MOBILITY – crank open those forearms! tabletop wrist work 🙂


MINDFULNESS – consider the difference between a goal and a dream!


Today’s mobility work is a simple wrist crank to restore some range of motion to this incredibly versatile joint.

Complaints of wrist pain in the front rack position, or the crazy pump after a significant set of pullups or toes-to-bar, can be addressed in a first-aid manner by this crank series.

Hit all four positions, take your time breathing, and see how your wrist feels afterward!

This is great pre- or mid-WOD, but to really get some long-term changes in your forearm tissues, you’ll need to do some smashing and flossing!


The mindfulness work today is to consider your goals and your dreams. The difference between the two ideas is subtle, but profound.

One is an abstract idea, the other is a roadmap. Stew on this! Do some box breathing and make plans to help the world!

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