20150909 – Wednesday

MOBILITY – get funky! use a lax ball on your buns 🙂


MINDFULNESS – be stubborn about your goals, but flexible about your methods!


Today’s mobility work is a new favorite technique to open up the tissues in the glute.

Use the wall, your body, and your lack of dignity while doing mobility to work some of those big broad knots in your posterior chain.

Not a mobilization to do in public with strangers, but definitely good to do at home while catching up on TV!

Contrast this with the seated/figure four glute smash and floss on the floor


A favorite quote.

Have a vision of the future. Keep that in your mind’s eye and lock it there. Don’t let anything touch it. Be stubborn about your goals.

But don’t allow yourself to be blind to your current circumstances. Realize when things aren’t working and change them. This doesn’t mean jump from one method to another– it means you should be honest and you should not fall in love with your plans. Be flexible about your methods.

Stew on this while you box breath. Have you been flexible about your goals and stubborn about your methods? Or have you been stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods?

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