20150904 – Friday

MOBILITY – foot smash! use a lax ball and open up those feet πŸ™‚


MINDFULNESS – consider the change in a month versus a year!


Today’s mobility work is to smash and floss your feet!

You spend a lot of time on your feet, but how often do you give those feet some love?

Spend a few minutes with a lax ball and massage some life back into your dogs! And don’t just beat them up, think about how you’d treat a loved one’s foot– don’t just go HAM!

You have a lot of nerve endings in your foot and they are probably turned off from being locked up in shoes all day.
Gently wake those tissues up, move the foot around, and feel brand new πŸ™‚

We tend to overestimate how much we can alter the course of our lives in a month, and underestimate how much a year’s worth of habits can do us good. Or bad!

Take a moment and consider a small habit or routine, and how a year’s worth of repetitions could add up.

If I spend three minutes in a squat (heels on ground, nice neutral spine, hips externally rotated) everyday as soon as I wake up, then that’s almost half an hour of squatting every week– 2hrs every month! Quality time spent in that position adds up.

Conversely, if I spend half an hour in bed every night scrolling through my newsfeed, then I’m setting myself up for poor sleep overall. It might take me longer to get into deep sleep, or that time could be spent actually sleeping! Over the course of a week, that’s half a night of sleep!

Habits accumulate over time– the interest rate can either go in your favor or against you!

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