20150902 – Wednesday

MOBILITY – open up your T-spine with a peanut!

MINDFULNESS – think about your positions, and consider a standing desk!

Spinal erector, rhomboid, lumbar and thoracic spine mobility.

A fundamental and foundational mobility technique for athletes who use their upper limb to stabilize or transfer loads. I’d recommend doing this briefly before going overhead or pulling, and definitely afterwards.

Don’t have a peanut? Make one! 🙂

Discussion of the standing desk solution to immobile lifestyle positioning.

It is essential to remember that standing is not a panacea for sitting. Movement is the key that addresses the root issue of immobility and stagnant lymphatic and cardiovascular circulation.

StandStand – http://www.standstand.us/index.html
Refold Portable Cardboard Standing Desk – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1896946361/refold-portable-cardboard-standing-desk

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