20150831 – Monday

MOBILITY – overhead extension crank and resist with a light band! 20 breaths/side 🙂


MINDFULNESS – consider the parable of the two wolves!


Today’s mobility work is an overhead extension crank and resist with a light band.

This is a great way to activate the shoulder complex as well as reclaim extension range of motion– it doesn’t look very difficult but if engaged correctly, then it can be pretty spicy!

Avoid overextending just to get there. Start where you feel tension build, probably short of full overhead position, and work your way to complete extension.

Use the breath as a guide to keep you present. Notice if your ribcage starts to float away from your pelvis, if your collarbones become unevent, or if you lose the active overhead pressing force. Lots to keep track of, this mobilization technique will keep you busy 🙂

Today’s mindfulness work is a discussion of the (allegedly) Cherokee parable of the two wolves within us all. A particularly favorite version of this story.

Reading of the parable, followed by a discussion of the major beats, with a final reading to round out the video.

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