20150826 – Wednesday

MOBILITY – lax ball shoulder blade smash and floss!


MINDFULNESS – consider the dilemma of being right versus being kind!


Today’s mobility work is to smash those scaps!

There’s a lot of musculature on and around the shoulder blades, or scapula– supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres major/minor, and the rhomboid major/minor.

All that stuff needs some love– if you ever do any repeated vertical pulls (pullups) or horizontal pulls (rows), then you work all those muscles pretty good!

Smash around, make some snow angels, and explore your scaps smile emoticon

Today’s mindfulness work is to consider the choice between being right and being kind.

Sometimes we are faced with a chance to let sleeping dogs lie and stop an argument or disagreement before it even starts. Most of the time, this means we have to take a big strong dose of humble pie and let the other person think they are right.

This rarely feels awesome. Most of the time, we want to be right so much that we are willing to get into arguments and shouting matches over small petty details. But is it really worth the emotional rollercoaster of an argument? Does it REALLY hurt so much to let someone else think they are right, even when you KNOW they are wrong?

Of course, sometimes we need to stir the pot in order to address issues that need addressing. But do you really need to make a snarky comment under your breath?

Take the chance to be kind, this is the harder path.

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