20150821 – Friday

MOBILITY – smash those hands with a lax ball! 2min/side


MINDFULNESS – consider failure from the perspective of a scientist 🙂


Mobilization technique that targets the intrinsic and extrinsic aspects of the hand– the extensors, flexors, and thenars.

This is effective prior to any movement that loads the upper limb with tension that must be transmitted through the hand– hanging bar work (pull-ups, toe-to-bar), deadlifts, cleans, rows, and other countless variations.

Brief mobilization prior to heavy movement (to reclaim lost range of motion due to lifestyle) and extended mobilization afterwards (to encourage lymphatic circulation and massage worked tissues) is recommended.

Today’s mindfulness work is to consider the scientist’s approach to failure.

Each action or experiment is a data point. Each point is useful– failures tell you what does not work, successes tell you where to keep going. You need both.

Utilizing a failure as a data point means that a failure is not a waste of time.

A missed lift is only a true failure when we learn nothing from it. A missed opportunity is only truly missed when we don’t understand the flaws in our reasoning after the fact.

Use failure, but don’t allow yourself to be defined by a single failure.

In much the same way– just because you succeed once does not make you a success. It is a process that is built over time and earned with sweat. There’s a saying that you work ten years to become an overnight success.

Use all of your experiences to grow, and you’ll be on the path to success. Disconnect your worth from the outcomes, learn to love the grind and the process.

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