20150819 – Wednesday

MOBILITY – 10 downward-facing spinal twists!

MINDFULNESS – consider an introduction to routines!

Today’s mobility work is to do flow and move through some downward-facing spinal twists!

A few options are presented in the video– pick a variation that suits your mobility and physical abilities– trust me, this will be challenging! Focus on your breath, good positions, and don’t demand perfection from your body on this first go-around.

Get a feel for the movement and the positions and then move on with your day. Note how you feel afterwards– refreshed? Like a mobility truck hit you?

Today’s mindfulness work is to consider routines!

This introductory video discusses the what, who, why, how, and when of routines– we’ll delve further into each point in subsequent videos.

Routines are an incredibly important part of being human, but often overlooked. We humans are creatures of habit; we fall into rhythms easily and whether we are mindfully falling into these rhythms determines if they are rejuvenating us or draining us.

Building routines that recharge our batteries, like humming when you walk or creating time every day to practice breathing exercises and mindfulness, is a powerful way to utilize those rhythms for your benefit.

Allowing habits to dictate your pace of life, like watching two hours of reality TV right before bed or scrolling through Pinterest as you eat lunch, is how the rhythms control your day.

Fighting those habits is generally futile, we have to gently avoid them by allowing mindful routines to take their place. If we quietly crowd out those negative, hurtful habits, then the positive and recharging routines will take their place. No battle necessary.

Consider some of the habits and routines in your life– where will they lead you in six months, in five years, in a decade? You can learn a lot about a life’s trajectory by its rhythms.

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