20150817 – Monday

MOBILITY – smash those pecs with a lax ball!


MINDFULNESS – consider the difference between mastery and a master!


Today’s mobility work is a great way to open up the chest with a lax ball. Options utilizing a wall/corner or a stool are presented– both are awesome, but stool is spicier 🙂

Fight the habit of gross internal rotation and give your shoulders a bit of slack! Your pecs are probably brutally tight and this is a great way to open them up– think of your chest and the butt of your legs and you’ll start to realize how much work they do for ya!

The mindfulness work is to consider the difference between mastery and being a master.

Two words that are used relatively interchangeably in English, but to me have very different implications.

We might think that one can be a master only when we have achieved the highest levels of mastery. This closes off the idea of being a master to everyone except the top half percent in a field.

If you measure a master not by their level of mastery, but by how many masters they create, then things get interesting. Your level of influence on others is the key factor, not how well you perform yourself.

Sure, you can’t really teach someone how to play the piano if you don’t know how to read music. But you don’t need to play Carnegie Hall to earn the title of Master Pianist.

Consider the last time you confused these two ideas– did you dismiss someone’s teachings because they weren’t at the top of the heap?

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