20150812 – Wednesday

MOBILITY – overhead external rotation crank with a heavy band!


MINDFULNESS – consider life as a dance, not as a balancing scale!


The mobility work requires a band and is a really effective lat stretch!

The bias of external rotation with the opposite hand really kicks it up a few notches in terms of overall effectiveness. Try this out next time you walk into your gym rather than grabbing that roller 🙂

We hear so often that life is a balancing act. This brings the image to mind of a set of scales and this constant tension between work and family, between relationships and career, between one thing and another.

I dislike this idea. I think it feels way too static for the chaos and craziness of life.

Life is a dance. There are lulls, there are highs and lows, there are missteps and there are periods of crazy groove.

But, more fundamentally, there is no wrong way to dance. The only way you can be bad at dancing is if you don’t open yourself up. Embrace the struggle and allow new elements to pop into your dance without fighting it.

If life is a balancing act, then this implies so much tension between career and relationships. The scales will snap eventually.

If life is a dance, the more the merrier! The more elements in the mix means you can get deeper into the momenet.

Don’t think of life as a static, boring act of a teeter-totter. Think of it as a big party.

Consider this as you do some box breathing!

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