20150805 – Wednesday

MOBILITY – open up those traps with a barbell!

MINDFULNESS – think about mindfulness work as reps of a workout!

Today’s mobility work is to open up the traps/low neck with a barbell!

We carry so much tension in the traps and neck, and add heavy deadlifts or a big backpack and you got a recipe for a tweaked neck!

You’ll need a barbell and a rack to complete this mobilization technique, but boy is it worth the setup time 🙂

Today’s mindfulness consideration is to approach meditation as a deadlift.

Think of the reps that you do in the gym and how they translate to shoveling snow faster and more effectively.

This is how you should think about meditation– not as an end in and of itself, but as a means to a more fulfilling and butt-kicking life!

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