20150727 – Monday

MOBILITY – PVC/barbell yoga snatch sun salutation progression

MINDFULNESS – work on some alternate nostril breathing!

A series of sun salutations utilizing a PVC pipe and weightlifting positions and progressions.

This is based around the ABCs warm-up developed by Justin Thacker, or also known as the Thacker Method (http://daily.barbellshrugged.com/thackermethod/).

Oh! And I plan on making a video for the C&J, as well as some more fun flows really mixing the yoga and weightlifting together, rather than just treating this as a warm-up for weightlifting
Postural alignment in the overhead, overhead squat, and setup positions
Muscle snatch and vinyasa (push-up, upward-facing dog, downward facing dog)
Power snatch and vinyasa
Power snatch, overhead squat, and vinyasa
Full snatch

Today’s mindfulness work is to play with your nostrils a bit 😛

We naturally alternate our dominate nostrils about once every twenty or thirty minutes. This is a mindless process that your body does for you, but when you take control of your nostrils it’s much like taking control of your breath! It’s a powerful reset of your overall nervous system.

Try this out, it’s a little weird to start but once you get the hang of blowing air out of the opposite nostril, it’s pretty cool!

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