20150722 – Wednesday

MOBILITY – try out some PVC/barbell yoga!

MINDFULNESS – do three quick minutes of box breathing

Today’s mobility work is to grab a PVC pipe and try linking some positions with your breath.

You can see it as “you got your yoga in my weightlifting” or “you got your weightlifting in my yoga”– Asanas, or yoga postures, aligned while holding a PVC pipe and linked through intentional breath.

Good strong positions held without weight and linking multiple breaths through a single overall movement repetition is a training structure missing from most barbell sports athletes.

Utilization of an PVC pipe, barbell, object, or weapon is a natural extension of a yoga asana practice– a thousands of year old tradition that developed and trained warriors. Working through the hang, power position, and squat variations are a barbell sports lens on which to approach yoga with a tool.

Other videos will lead you through a PVC yoga sequence.

Today’s mindfulness work is to put some reps into your breathing and mindfulness practice.

A few minutes everyday goes far and much farther than a lot of minutes very few days.

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