20150715 – Wednesday

MOBILITY – jaw smash with a lax ball! 2min/side

MINDFULNESS – consider being stubborn about your goals!

Today’s mobility work is to open up the tissues around your jaw– lots of tension hidden in those muscles we use to chew, or more likely clench your jaw! Work that junk open and feel all that reclaimed range of motion 🙂

Today’s mindfulness work is to be stubborn about your goals, but flexible about your methods!

Like a star in the distance or a tall tower, your goal should be something distant for which you aim. Shift right or left a bit and you’ll be heading in the same direction.

Your methods are how you get to that goal– maybe you take the long way because there’s an obstacle in your path, or maybe you stop and think for a while because you gotta get up and over a big wall. The whole time you’ll have your eye on the prize– that distant goal. If you lose track of that guiding light, then you’ll start to mistake the nearby obstacles as your overall goal.

Know your goal, chase it, and be flexible about how you get there!

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