20150710 – Friday

MOBILITY – 4min of gut smashing! use a big inflatable ball, or kbell if that’s all you have


MINDFULNESS – take twenty 3-part breaths! as slow as possible 🙂


Today’s mobility work is to open up your guts! Especially if you’ve done a lot of toe-to-bar or “core work” then there are likely significant fascial adhesions throughout your abdomen, which will go on to restrict your diaphragm and overall respiratory abilities.

So, fix your gut, fix your breath. Fix your breath, and you fix most of the problems you could face!

Today’s mindfulness work is to take twenty breaths. Feel each breath, make sure you feel the progressive expansion of the three distinct areas– belly/diaphragm, ribcage/intercostals, and finally the collarbone.

Feel free to take the breaths at your own pace, but make sure you keep count and you register the 3 unique phases for each breath!

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