20150706 – Monday

MOBILITY – smash and floss those hamstrings with a lax ball! 2min/side


MINDFULNESS – consider the importance of routines!


Today’s mobility work is to utilize that seated time! I imagine that you are in a chair right now, or maybe in a car (not driving!), and this is an ideal position in which to work the hamstrings with a lax ball!

Sure, you can use a roller on the ground but because the hamstring is pretty much fully extended and a bit tense with the leg out in front, you can’t work into the deep dark corners like this.

Set a timer, spend two quality minutes of exploration with each hamstring– chances are that you’ll spend more than 2min once you really get started!

No gross faces, just mindful breaths 🙂

Today’s mindfulness work is to consider the importance of routines!

The process of turning a task into a routine is more than just doing it regularly.

The first time we set ourselves to a habit, we have lots to consider– when will I do this? How long will it take? Should I do it before lunch or after? Am I doing it right? Should it feel like this or like that?

This is important because it requires a lot of decision-making ability to do something the first time. It’s mentally expensive to start a new habit– this is why we so rarely continue them!

As we develop the habit and routine, the decisions become fewer and we require less mental energy to follow-through.

This is the true power of a well-developed routine– we don’t need to think about it to do it. We just execute the routine.

Consider all the routines you have in your life, ranging from brushing your teeth to how you scrub yourself in the shower. You are probably developing a few routines right now, but barely realize it! Make sure you are developing habits that enrich and nourish you, not drain and take away from you!

Here’s my spinal movement routine, which I perform every morning as soon as I wake up, and every evening right before I get into bed.


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