20150701 – Wednesday

MOBILITY – open up your shoulders with some down-dog/dolphin on a wall! 20 breaths in the pose


MINDFULNESS – consider the change that can occur in a year!


Today’s mobility work is to open up the shoulders with a yoga pose on a wall.

By performing down-dog or dolphin on a wall, we change the orientation of gravity on our body, allowing for our bodyweight to assist and push us deeper into the pose if we release and allow it.

Twenty breaths should be sufficient to seriously open up your overhead position– try testing before and after with the overhead extension drill, since you’ll already be near a wall!


Today’s mindfulness work is to consider how much you can change in a year.

M&MWOD is officially six months old! Videos have been posted regularly, about one or two a week (please subscribe at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVX8Ig8Q_jRpJ1piCxuS5iQ/), posts have been written every MWF since the end of 2014.

I can’t really explain how I’ve grown as a result of M&MWOD and these videos. I’ve learned how consistency is a trait that is built up over time, like your quads or cardio, because remembering to do the three posts a week used to be such a hassle– now it’s something that I just do.

Making the videos, sometimes with preparation and sometimes on the fly, forces me to distill information and coaching into concise bits with as little filler as possible. I know the style of video I like to watch– quick demo almost immediately, cues and alignment while discussing in greater detail, and overall summary of points. This is what I look for in other videos and this is what I try to emulate.

I’ve become a better coach as a result of this M&MWOD commitment. I’ve become a better listener, too. All of this, in just six months of posting a few times a week.

You’d be amazed at what half a year can do.

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