20150619 – Friday

MOBILITY – open up your chest with a lax ball! 2min/side


MINDFULNESS – breathe! do some box breathing and knock out some mindfulness reps 😛


Today’s mobility work is a chest opener that unglues some of the tissues that get stuck when we sit at desks and roll our shoulders forward all day.

A few minutes of sustained love and effort can get you breathing and standing in a brand new way!

Today’s mindfulness work is to sit and breathe for just 3min. The guided practice is there for you, but otherwise just sit and focus on your breath for 180sec.

Don’t get discouraged if your mind starts to wander– it is always going to do that! It’s like getting angry at a belly for being hungry! The point is that you guide your mind back to the breath and release any tension that might’ve built up while your mind was quickly wandering. That’s one rep, now do a few more 😛

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