20150615 – Monday

MOBILITY – medial/lateral ankle lax ball smash and floss, 2min/side!


MINDFULNESS – consider the space between being process-oriented and outcome-oriented!


Today’s mobility work is to unglue some of your gross ankle tissues with a lax ball!

The medial and lateral surfaces of the ankle get real gummed up, especially if you don’t have your running technique really dialed in. This is a great mobilization to perform while watching TV or riding shotgun in a long car ride!

Today’s mindfulness work is to consider the difference between the process and the outcome.

In a simple situation, let’s use piling rocks to make a wall, the process is relatively unsophisticated. You pick a rock up, you walk it over to the nascent wall, and then you put it down. Rinse and repeat. The outcome takes a while but is effectively what you are chasing– a completed rock wall.

In a complex situation, let’s use playing a piano piece in front of a panel of judges, the process is where the magic happens. Hours of drills, practice, and mentally fortifying yourself to pour your soul out in a few short minutes. The outcome is the presented piece.

In the simple situation, if you focus and incentivize the outcome, then you generally increase the speed of the process leading to a better/faster outcome. Pay me more to pick up rocks and I’ll pick up all the rocks.

In the complex situation, if you focus and incentivize the outcome, then you destroy your ability to properly address the process. Tell me a million dollars is on the line, that my family will die in a flaming bus full of orphans, or that the cure for AIDS will be found if I play this piano really well? That’s the easiest way to let nerves get in the way on gameday, and for your practice to be far too aggressive and not allow your abilities to properly progress over time.

More often than not, we are encountered with complex situations. Additionally, most incentives act like these are simple situations. This discrepancy causes a lot of pain in the world– we feel that if we only grind a bit harder, if we put in a few more hours in the middle of the night, then we’ll succeed!

But, that ignores the value of smart, effective practice over mindless and painful practice. That ignores how we should fall in love with the process, rather than the outcome– we will be working on the process much more often in our lives than enjoying the outcomes.

If we learn to love the process, then the outcomes will naturally arrive. If we hate the process and focus solely on the outcomes, then we lose the process, which is the tether between the present and that future.

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