20150610 – Wednesday

MOBILITY – get some ankle ROM back with this simple down-dog sequence!


MINDFULNESS – consider the difference between a goal and a dream!


Today’s mobility work is to get some life back into your ankles– you’ve probably hit the pavement a bit since the weather has turned awesome, but hitting the pavement can be tough on your ankle joint!

This down-dog based sequence of extension and flexion will breathe some new life back into your ankle!

The difference between a dream and a goal is whether or not you have a plan in place.

We all have dreams and we all have goals. Nothing is wrong with a dream, but when you stop thinking about a dream and actively begin to pursue it– you need to make the shift over to a goal so that you have an actual roadmap for success.

A dream can provide a vision for your efforts. It also feels pretty great to tell others that you have this lofty thing to work towards. But if a dream has no substance, no structure to provide it a backbone, it is just something that can dissolve as quickly as one bad day.

A goal has substance. The plan can change, but the goal does not. A goal can weather storms and craziness in your life because you know where you’re going and you know the route you are planning on taking. A few detours here and there are to be expected.

Do you have dreams, or do you have goals?

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