20150520 – Wednesday

MOBILITY – hip capsule stretch!


MINDFULNESS – 3min box breathing!


Today’s mobility work is a great way to reset your big lower limb– the hip capsule stretch!

By using your own bodyweight to force the acetabulum (femur/thigh bone head/ball) into the back of the hip joint. Sitting and turning off your glutes tends to shift the ball-and-socket connection a bit forward.

This can makes squats not very fun, sometimes this shift can be expressed by front hip tension in the hole.

A quick reset can do wonders, especially in conjunction with a couch stretch!

Today’s mindfulness work is to sit down and reset your brain a bit!

3min of box breathing is like giving yourself a breather during a long walk or hike. Realzing weird thoughts as weird thoughts plus aiming your focus at a target of your choosing are two great benefits of a little mindfulness.

Never heard of box breathing? Check this video out!


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