20150515 – Friday

MOBILITY – give your ankles some love! medial/lateral ankle lax ball smash and floss!

MINDFULNESS – consider how definitions can shape your perception of the world!

Today’s mobility work is a favorite to give the ankle the love it needs.

Especially if spending a lot of time barefoot, there are many small muscles on the medial/inner and lateral/outer sides of the ankle that work hard for you.

You might be surprised at how much this helps!

Today’s mindfulness work is to consider definitions.

Language is a weird thing– it is how we communicate with others and tends to be how you communicate with yourself. The language you speak defines the way that you think.

Consider the subjunctive (could have, would have, should have), and consider a language without it– such as Vietnamese. Without a subjunctive verb tense, life is much more straightfoward.

There is no “I could have done better,” there is only “I did this well.” There is no “I should be doing this,” there is only “I am doing this.”

A subtle, but profound, difference in worldview.

Now, consider how definitions of words and the meanings behind words can influence the way you interact with the world.

A slippery or lazy definition and usage of a word can color your perception of a topic. The example used in the video is silence and calm.

Language is weird. I’ll be following up on this post soon 🙂

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