20150511 – Monday

MOBILITY – use your peanut! open up that mid back! peanut smash and floss 4min


MINDFULNESS – consider the suffering equation!


Today’s mobility work is to open up your rhomboids (the muscles between the scaps) with your peanut!

Don’t have a peanut? Make one! I make one in less than two minutes in this video:


The peanut is a great tool to have in your mobility kit, few things can hit specific areas like the double lax ball.

Today’s mindfulness work is to consider the suffering equation!

I tend to circle back to this idea in phases and at different times in my life.

Pain is inevitable. Joints ache, we lose loved ones, opportunities are replaced by bad memories, and bad stuff happens.

Suffering is optional. Resisting pain can take many forms– we don’t deserve the pain, it is someone else’s fault, holding the memory too tightly.

Resistance is a cunning enemy and hides itself in ways you would not expect. It can turn a stubbed toe into a ruined day.

Accepting pain is not easy. It is something that can be practiced and strengthened like a squat or a down-dog.

Consider what it’s like when you are caught outside in the rain. You can learn a lot about a person when you observe them from the safety of an umbrella– do they scrunch up and hurry with a frown on their face? Do they put their backpack over their head and walk to the nearest overhang to wait it out? Or do they take a minute to look up at the sky and feel the raindrops on their face?

Suffering is resistance times pain. Don’t multiply the pain unless it’s necessary.


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