20150430 – Wednesday

MOBILITY – medial/lateral calf double lax ball smash and floss, 4min/side

MINDFULNESS – consider the importance of blindspots, a coach, and an outside perspective

Today’s mobility work is to unglue some of those gross tissues in your medial and lateral calf!

You probably only think about your gastrocnemius, the big drumstick muscle, when you think about your calf. There’s a whole lot more there and a whole lot of gross stuff if you are a runner!

Try this one out, it is worth finding a second lax ball to really get the most out of this mobilization technique. Get ready to meet your calves 🙂

Today’s mindfulness work is to consider your blindspots and how everyone needs a coach.

We all have blindspots. We might not know that our knees cave ever-so-slightly during a heavy back squat. Or that we get way too upset when someone cuts us off in traffic. Or that we make really poor food decisions when emotionally stressed out.

By definition, we aren’t aware of our blindspots. Or, more specifically, we aren’t aware of what is in our blindspots. We can do our best to be a great driver, but if we can’t see that truck barreling up the highway, we are boned.

That’s why a coach is so useful. A coach is removed from the craziness of your daily life (although they do have to deal with their own stuff!) and can see where you are missing some pieces.

Knees caving in during a squat? Actively create torque in your hips by screwing your feet into the ground the whole rep, not just at the top.

Got roadrage? Take a breath before reacting. Don’t let their mistakes or rude behavior affect your day. Easier said than done, but most things are!

Stress eat? Remove poor food choices from your environment and they won’t be an option in the future.

A coach can help you remove these small obstacles in your life that stop you from achieving that next level of awesomeness. An outside perspective is worth more and more as you go further and further in life– small blindspots become big ones as time goes on.

Address your blindspots. Ask for help. That’s the first step. The coach has the next one ready for you 🙂

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