20150417 – Friday

MOBILITY – 20 tabletop cat-cows!

A staple yoga posture/asana sequence, this is great to just reset your body/breath, get your day started, or prepare for some movement.

MINDFULNESS – consider the difference between making time and finding time.

“I can’t find the time” is a common excuse to not start a new, awesome habit. But do you ever really find time?

If you aren’t mindful about what you do with your time, then it’s easy to find yourself scrolling on your phone, watching brainless tv, or otherwise finding uses for that found time.

To start something new, you need to make time. Create space for something different. Things rarely align for you. Don’t wait for the perfect moment to start playing that instrument- schedule fifteen minutes every morning to pluck on that guitar.

You won’t find the time otherwise.

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