20150401 – Wednesday

MOBILITY – forearm barbell, pvc or stick smash and floss, 4min/side

Love the broader surfaces on the forearm because it helps to really work the tissues apart. Especially the barbell– it’s the mobility work you need, but not the mobility work you want to do 🙂

MINDFULNESS – consider the difference between “yes and” versus “no but”

“Yes and” is a phrase used in improv comedy a lot – it implies the continuation of a suggestion or idea. The flow continues.

“No but” is a phrase that redirects the conversation or activity to where the person speaking goes.

Listen carefully to the next five or so conversations you have. You might be surprised how little you hear “yes and”, and how often you hear “no but”.

We all catch ourselves waiting to talk rather than really listening to the other person. This is where “no but” sneaks in. An abrupt pivot of the conversation that doesn’t really respect what was just presented.

Engaging in a discussion that isn’t really directed by either person is where you hear “yes and”. This is where you can get lost in talking with someone and time flies by.

Be a “yes and”.

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