20150327 – Friday

MOBILITY – tricep barbell and roller smash and floss, 4min/side

Continuing the trend of tricep love, here are some techniques to unglue your triceps with either a roller or barbell!

You’ll need all the overhead mobility you can get for 15.5!

MINDFULNESS – consider the process versus the outcome

The process of improvement is the grind. It’s waking up everyday and putting the work in that is necessary to make that one step forward toward your eventual goal, which is the outcome.

The outcome is great, but it’s not the really important thing. The important part is the process.

We can control the process– we can hunker down and do our work. We can’t always control the outcome– sometimes we just won’t get success despite all the hard work we’ve logged.

That’s why we need to love the grind. We need to love the process. The outcome is a cherry on top that you shouldn’t expect or feel entitled towards.

Love the struggle and everyday will be rewarding.

Love the outcome and you’ll never find lasting satisfaction.

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