20150320 – Friday

MOBILITY – upward facing spinal twist, 6 twists/side.

Throw this yoga-based mobilization into the mix!

Also called wild thing in yoga, this big spinal twist is great for circulation, body awareness, and getting your body through some broad range of motion.

It can be a bit spicy, so I show a kneeling/hero pose variation to help you focus on the twist-aspect of this technique. Find what works for you and enjoy!

Try out this upward facing spinal twist with some of the other M&MWOD yoga based mobilizations to really get your flow on!

MINDFULNESS – Consider the change that can happen in a month and the change that can happen in year.

We tend to overestimate how much we can alter the course of our lives in a month, and underestimate how much a year’s worth of habits can do us good. Or bad!

Stew on this while you do some box breathing. Enjoy the video discussion and let me know what you think!

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