20150313 – Friday

MOBILITY – lateral elbow lax ball smash and floss, 4min/side

A great smash and floss of the brachioradialis, or the lateral elbow. It’s a small accessory muscle that can get terribly sore from ring rows, pullups, rowing on an erg, or muscle ups!

Give these little fellas some love and you’ll be introduced to a brand new muscle in your arms 🙂

MINDFULNESS – stew on the parable of the two wolves and consider which wolf you’ve been feeding recently.

This is one of my favorite parables. It ends on such a strong note that never fails to send a chill up my spine.

“The one you feed.”

In this parable, are you the dark wolf or the light wolf? You are neither. You are the feeder of the wolves.

You can make a conscious choice to feed one wolf or the other at any given moment. Or you can make an unconscious choice.

If you are not mindfully feeding that light wolf, then I’d bet good money that you are unintentionally feeding the dark wolf.

But don’t confuse yourself for the wolf.

A lot of negative self-talk about how you aren’t following through on your New Year’s Resolution? Feeding that dark wolf a buffet every time you look in the mirror? That doesn’t mean that you are jealousy, greed, and resentment. It means your thoughts are feeding those emotions.

Don’t mistake who you are for your emotions. You are not a feeling. You are something much bigger, prouder, and more beautiful than that.

Consider your role as the feeder of the wolves inside you.

Box breathe or pursue your own mindfulness practice while you stew on this.

Like this post if you found yourself a new muscle in the brachioradialis!

Comment below with your thoughts on your role as the feeder of wolves 🙂

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