20150311 – Wednesday

MOBILITY – couch stretch and shoulder crank!

Two-phase couch stretch is my favorite hip opener– easy, effective, and efficient!

Overhead extension door frame crank and resist is simple and can be done almost anywhere. Reclaim your lost range of motion and find full extension!

MINDFULNESS – consider a habit of yours, a continuous streak, that stopped with a wimper.

Writing this post, I am almost thirty posts/three months into my MWF weekly update schedule with M&MWOD.

Sometimes I am not sure if anyone actually reads this stuff! Other times I don’t quite care and really enjoy getting my knowledge out in the wilderness, out of my head, and letting it reach who it reaches.

The basis of this habit, of M&MWOD, is the MWF update without fail. Today, I almost forgot. I had my last few episodes of the new season of House of Cards lined up after a full day of coaching and running around. I look at the date and realize I need to make a post.

I wanted so bad to just let it slide and skip today. Did I really want to write up another entry? Who would really care if I didn’t post one Wednesday’s M&MWOD?

But that is Resistance talking. If you haven’t read War of Art by Steven Pressfield, you need to check it out and get a big kick in the butt. He explains the idea of Resistance far better than I could– but Resistance wants you to back off, not hold yourself accountable, and go easy on yourself. Resistance is friction, and the other side of the coin to Work.

Work is hard. Making a new habit stick is hard. Resistance wants you to stay where you are, let momentum and inertia hold you down. Work allows you to use momentum to your advantage, but you gotta get moving first. And the trick is to stay moving.

So today, I write this Mindfulness post in honor of Resistance.

It almost beat me today. I must respect an enemy that can put up such a good fight, but I do not have to like it.

Stew on this during your mindfulness practice. Think about Resistance and how easy it is to lose those good habits you begin.

Like this post if you can think of a streak that you let die.

Comment below with your mobility choice!

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