20150309 – Monday

MOBILITY – glute lax ball smash and floss, 4min/side.

This is an essential skill for your mobility toolkit- taking care of your buns! This technique is a big global smash and floss and will take care of a lot of tissue restrictions.

If you have mad tight hips, like most crossfitters, then you’ll need some additional love to really get that gorgeous overhead squat, but this is a great starting point!

Give your glutes some love and sit on a lax ball! Move that knee around and don’t forget to test and retest!

MINDFULNESS – Consider the following quote:

“Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.”

~ William Butler Yeats.

How often do we wait for perfect circumstances before trying that new thing? We wait for the stars to align before we take that leap of faith.

The stars may never align and there is no perfect plan. There is only a good enough plan. There is mostly aligned.

We spend so much of life wishing for mortal things (a better job, a few inches off the waistline, a new relationship) but we plan like immortals (I can’t quit until I’m in a good place financially, I’ll do that next year, I have to wait until I find the time).

Do not wait. The future is fleeting and doesn’t exist until we make it. Waiting for that future is to give up the present.

There’s a Japanese saying, “effort is good fortune”. Put in the effort, make that leap of faith, and you will be rewarded. Play the coward’s game of waiting for riches and you’ll die a coward’s death.

Stew on this as you do some box breathing!

See playlist for box breathing resources

Like this post if you give your glutes some love!

Comment below with the last time you made the iron hot, rather than waiting for it to warm up.

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