20150304 – Wednesday

MOBILITY – lateral shoulder smash and floss 4min/side

This is one of my favorite mobilizations– big global smash followed by a targeted and focused floss.

Your shoulders do a lot of work for you, I like to think of them as the glutes of your upper limb. Give them some love back!

An easy mobilization technique to perform while watching TV or waiting for class to begin.

MINDFULNESS – consider the last time you said the words “thank you”, “I’m sorry”, “I love you”, and “forgive me”.

First, some assigned reading for today is this excellent article by Aubrey Marcus ( https://aubreymarcus.com/blog/opinion/the-toltec-way-to-ruthless-self-love/ ), the founder of Onnit, an excellent company that focuses on human optimization through nutritional and movement methods.

Expanding on this fascinating bit of knowledge:

The Hawaiian Kahunas (shamans) have a practice for radical forgiveness they call ‘Ha’Oponopono’ – It requires you say four things to yourself. “Thank you, I’m sorry, I love you, Forgive me.”

I incorporated these four phrases into my mindfulness/meditation practice, both in the morning and at night. These are the first four things I say upon waking, and the last four things I say before going to bed. It has become a prayer of mine– I dedicate the words to different individuals, myself, or ideas as that moment’s fancy strikes.

Separately, these four phrases are powerful. When was the last time you told someone to their face “I’m sorry”? Or “Forgive me”? And not just as a knee-jerk reaction, but earnestly?

Taken together, these four phrases can change a life. You could probably find one or two of these phrases to say to a person, but all four? That requires vulnerability and openness of a scale most people don’t encounter on a day-to-day basis.

I have found that saying these four phrases every day is just like putting in PVC technique work– greasing the groove so that it is easier to say to another person. I still have trouble saying “I love you” but boy is it easier now than it was just a few weeks ago before I started this practice. Just saying the words is the first step. Meaning those words to another person is the next big step.

You don’t need to incorporate this practice into your life, but it is worth considering the last time you said each of these phrases to another person. Yesterday? Weeks ago? Do you only say “forgive me” to a certain type of person? When was the last time you said “thank you” to a close friend? Or “I love you” to someone with which you are not romantically involved? If you think carefully, the answer might put your emotions into a stark perspective.

Stew on this as you do some box breathing!

See playlist for box breathing resources

Like this post if you give your shoulders some love with a lax ball!

Comment below if you spread some good vibes and speak those four phrases out loud to someone today! Feel free to spread them out or maybe focus that positivity to a special person 🙂

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