20150302 – Monday

MOBILITY – mobilize those hamstrings! Lunging cat cows to crank them open, lax ball smash and floss to unglue those stuck tissues

Your squat will thank you for this love.

MINDFULNESS – consider the benefits of a mindfulness practice, as well as awareness of how your environment affects you.

A mindfulness practice isn’t something that you do for just a few minutes a day to check off your list. It is something that concentrates itself in your daily practice, but spreads out through the other 23hrs a day.

In the same way you learn to deadlift for everyday life when you pick stuff off the ground, you learn to meditate and be mindful a bit more in every moment.

The contra-example is how silly would it be to throw out your back taking something out of your car because you don’t use good form, when you can deadlift twice your bodyweight?

Mindfulness is a tool for everyday life, not an end in-and-of itself.

Why? Because being mindful of how things affect you allows you to be aware of your surroundings. Your environment affects your mental state whether you realize it or not, and if you don’t realize it, you probably are getting blasted by it!

Fluorescent lights? Crying babies? Loud trains and blaring horns? These things are real stressors and they really affect you. Being aware of these effects allows you to mitigate their influence.

Being mindful isn’t easy, it’s a practice, but boy does practice pay off.

See playlist for box breathing resources

Like this post if you open up those hammies.

Comment below with any examples of how your mindfulness practice affects your day-to-day life!

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