20150225 – Wednesday

MOBILITY – overhead shoulder doorframe crank, 4min/side

A favorite mobilization technique of mine when I’m not at the gym– great way to reclaim some lost range of motion while hanging out at the office or when watching TV.

Don’t forget to test and retest with arms overhead and see how much easier overhead feels!

Remember, mobility work is free strength– if you are able to hold a difficult position with less muscular effort, you are stronger in that position and able to bear more weight. More mobility means more strength.

MINDFULNESS – consider the routines in your life

We all have habits and routines in our day to day race to survive. Some habits are constructive, like brushing your teeth, flossing, and eating good food.

These habits usually take a bit of mindfulness to complete– you don’t accidentally clean your room or make your bed.

Some habits are destructive, like scrolling through your phone while you are eating so you aren’t mindful of your meal. Or eating junk food because you are stressed out. Or thinking negative self-thoughts when you look in the mirror.

These habits usually happen out of sheer repetition and you don’t feel like you control them. No one tries to trash-talk themselves, but boy does it happen.

Consider your daily habits and routines. If you can’t think of many good habits you have, then you probably have a boatload of bad ones.

Think about starting a morning or an evening routine.

A morning routine is something you do first thing when you wake up, just for you, to set the day off right. I am a fan of morning routines because it’s when you have the most willpower and least amount of decision fatigue, since you haven’t had a day of screaming young children sapping your ability to make mindful choices. A morning routine allows you to set the tone for you day, set an intention for what you will do, and gives you some pep in your step.

An evening routine is something you do before bed, leading up to sleep. It’s a little bit of foreplay into dreamland– you don’t hit a WOD hard with no warming up, and you shouldn’t expect to go from watching TV to deep restorative sleep within minutes of hitting the bed. An evening routine is usually filled with gratitude for the day you’ve had: the good, the bad, and the ugly. It all happens and you can either learn from it or try and fight the past. Be thankful for challenges because they force you to rise to the occasion.

Consider adding a mindful routine into your day, everyday. Maybe it’s just five minute of mobility before bed, or maybe it’s five minutes of box breathing when you wake up.

Like this post if you reclaim some range of motion in those shoulders.

Comment below with your thoughts on mindful habits and morning/evening routines.

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