20150220 – Friday

MOBILITY – 5min yoga twist and stretch.

Downward facing spinal twist:

Lunging cat-cows:

Quick mobility routine to get the juices flowing and express full range of motion of your primary joints (hips and shoulders).

Don’t underestimate these poses- the more you focus on positioning, the more difficult they will be, and the more you’ll you’ll get out of it!

MINDFULNESS – consider the last time you admitted you were wrong. Stew on this then box breathe.

Messing up sucks. Owning up to it usually sucks more- especially if you don’t do it immediately. The longer you wait, the grosser and more guilt you’ll feel.

But, boy does it feel good when you finally accept responsibility. That’s really what admitting fault is: taking responsibility.

Passing blame is the weakest form of control; having the courage and character to hold that blame within yourself is the highest form of leadership. The buck stops with you.

With that in mind, when was the last time you owned up to your mistake? Be honest- has it been a while? It doesn’t have to be a big boo-boo- even a small admission of fault is still a good rep of practice.

Chew on that for a bit, then dive into your box breathing practice. Consider a mistake you’ve recently made to which you could own up, and consciously decide to take responsibility for your actions.

See playlist for box breathing resources:

Like this post if you move through some delicious poses! Or maybe just do the couch stretch and call it a day. Any mobility is good mobility smile emoticon

Comment below with your thoughts of the mindfulness work. How do you like box breathing? How long has it been since you admitted fault?

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