20150218 – Wednesday

MOBILITY – bottom foot smash and floss, 4min/side.

See video for instruction 

Either hit this one, or the medial/lateral ankles

Give your feet some love; they support you all day, the least you can do is massage them once in a while!

MINDFULNESS – consider the last time you asked someone for help, 5min box breathing.

Vulnerability has a bad wrap these days. Most folks think of it as weakness or softness. To be vulnerable is to be easily broken.

I disagree. I think vulnerability is the highest form of character, the purest expression of strength. It is showing your soft spot to the world and asking for help– pride is when you hide that soft spot away from others and pretend it doesn’t exist… until things come crashing down.

Asking for help is an expression of vulnerability. It requires you to extend a hand, a tough first step because you might be told no in return. But, you might be surprised at how willing people are to help if you are willing to ask.

The fundamental unit of humanity isn’t the individual human– it’s the tribe.

And the tribe is strong because the tribe stays together.

Stew on this while you box breathe. Think about the last time you were vulnerable in front of others. Think about the last time you could’ve shown that vulnerability, but actively chose to hide it.

See playlist for box breathing resources

Like this post if you give your feet some love– either bottom foot smash, the medial/lateral ankles, or maybe you freestyle with something else!

Comment below with your last moment of vulnerability… if you are comfortable sharing it! A double dose of vulnerability

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