20150216 – Monday

MOBILITY – couch stretch!

An oldie but a goodie– ideally done everyday you sit (which is probably everyday :P)

If your hips aren’t bugging you, then maybe do a door frame crank

Pick your mobility work, set a timer, and reclaim some lost range of motion!

MINDFULNESS – consider the last compliment you gave!

When was the last time you told someone awesome how awesome they were? Was it an hour ago? Was it yesterday? Can you not remember?!

It’s okay if it’s been a while, we all have stretches where we are caught up in our own stuff.

Taking a moment to tell a little girl she has cool light up shoes or a fellow crossfitter they have a good kip is easy to do, but hard to remember! Bring your mindfulness practice into the real world by being aware of the happenings around you, noticing good things, and commenting accordingly.

Stew on this while you do some box breathing.

Box breathing resources

Like this post if you crank one of those big primary joints!

Comment below with the last compliment you gave smile emoticon

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