20150213 – Friday

MOBILITY – anterior shin lax ball smash and floss, 4min/side.

See video for instruction

Great mobilization technique for general maintenance of ankle. Good go-to regarding shin splints and tightness in the front compartment of the shin.

MINDFULNESS – 5min tempo breathing.

See video for instruction

Find a song that is around the 60bpm mark ( https://jog.fm/workout-songs/at/60/bpm?sort=popularity for example) and use this song as your guidepost to maintain that beat.

30 breaths with 5count inhale/exhale, and see how close to 5min you are at the end!

Like this post if you mobilize that shin and let me know how the test/retest goes!

Comment below if you try the tempo breathing, and if you notice an improvement in your time since the last practice!

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