20150211 – Wednesday

MOBILITY – medial and lateral ankle smash and floss, 4min/side.

See video for instruction

Remember to twist those tissues both directions! Explore your ankle.

This mobilization technique plus the bottom of the foot smash (http://youtu.be/wVt-o0JqDBc ) is a great way to love your feet while watching tv or listening to music.

MINDFULNESS – 5min box breathing with consideration of the overall delta.

See video for discussion

When sitting down to do mindfulness work, it’s easy to feel like you are doing it wrong. That you’re bad at it. That your mind is wandering too much and you should just give up. But stick to it– afterwards, how do you feel? Calmer?

We care about how you feel OVERALL– not in the moment. Everyone’s mind races during meditation, even monks! The key is forgiving yourself everytime this happens and continuing the practice despite these hiccups.

Allow yourself to fail without thinking of yourself as a failure.

See playlist for box breathing resources

Like this post if you give those ankles some love– this is a great maintenance one. Love those ankles and they’ll love you right back.

Comment below if you watched the video! Please, I need feedback on these videos and want to know how to improve them and make them better!

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