20150204 – Wednesday

MOBILITY – high and low back peanut smash and floss, 4min total.

See video for instruction ( http://youtu.be/vB8hy1ZLRCo ).

Don’t have a peanut? You should! All you need is two lacrosse balls, some tape, and a few minutes! See video for a how-to (http://youtu.be/BkffSufB8MA )

A great alternative if you don’t have a peanut ( Downward facing spinal twist:http://youtu.be/tUQQfyaGKFI )

MINDFULNESS – 5min box breathing with a reflection on how you can apply these skills to everyday life.

See video for discussion ( http://youtu.be/4Z-hRFXBU8k ).

Box breathing resources ( http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmO831B4IEJHkQFA_sjEP1Xt8mI8oyecw ).

Like this post if you hit mobility, any mobility! Check out the YouTube channel and find something your body needs! ( http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVX8Ig8Q_jRpJ1piCxuS5iQ ).

Comment below with how you utilize box breathing in your day to day life! Do you feel like this practice helps you manage your stress?

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