20150126 – Monday

MOBILITY – hand lax ball smash, 4min/side.

See video for instruction ( http://youtu.be/mhCArti7hiI ).

This is also a great one to do at work and if you have hand pain or stiffness, like the foot smash. Find out what works for you and explore!

MINDFULNESS – 5min box breathing with focus on the holds.

See video for discussion on box breathing techniques regarding the holds (http://youtu.be/0TTxUCpxSKw ).

New guided box breathing video, check out! ( http://youtu.be/csJl06mO7_M )

Additionally, some discussions that you can use to focus your mindfulness practice ( On the importance of the exhale: http://youtu.be/67_LKfTaSU0 , On the suffering equation and resistance: http://youtu.be/x3U82MUlJCE , On the thought gap: http://youtu.be/EsSDuPyrL10 , On the winter farmer:http://youtu.be/hq3FihGASe0 ).

Other box breathing resources ( Intro to box breathing:http://youtu.be/fVCDox8xhLI , Guided 5min box breathing:http://youtu.be/9R8776Outos ).

Like this post if you hit the hand smash!

Comment below if you do the box breathing! Let me know what you think about the guided videos, you’ll have plenty of time while trapped indoors to explore your mind

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