20150121 – Wednesday

MOBILITY – downward facing spinal twists, 6 twists per side. See video for instruction ( http://youtu.be/tUQQfyaGKFI ).

Pick a variation that suits your mobility and physical abilities– trust me, this will be challenging! Focus on your breath, good positions, and don’t demand perfection from your body on this first go-around.

Get a feel for the movement and the positions and then move on with your day. Note how you feel afterwards– refreshed? Like a mobility truck hit you?

MINDFULNESS – 5min box breathing ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVCDox8xhLI , http://youtu.be/9R8776Outos ) with a focus on the winter farmer.

See video for the parable of the winter farmer ( http://youtu.be/hq3FihGASe0).

What do you take away from their sad tale? How often are you faced with this same dilemma? How do you tend to react, which choice do you usually make?

There is no real right or wrong answer, everyone has their own problems and their own ways of dealing with these problems– but you must respect the fact that you are not superhuman! We all have to face next winter as well as this winter.

As you do your box breathing, let your mind ponder this dilemma.

Like this post if you complete the spinal twists, or some other mobility work that your body is asking for! Also feel free to comment with which variation of the spinal twist you decided upon– maybe we can get you doing a more difficult one soon!

Comment below with your thoughts regarding the winter farmer and how your box breathing went!

Finally, please feel free to join our private FBGroup for M&MWOD so you can comment freely without everyone knowing your business!https://www.facebook.com/groups/332939726913919/

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