20150119 – Monday

MOBILITY – door frame bully stretch crank – 4min/side. See video for instruction ( http://youtu.be/h0wFWCMerGY ).

If your shoulders aren’t begging for the bully stretch, maybe you should hit the couch stretch today ( http://youtu.be/7hE7TIH6vnE ,http://youtu.be/KA5sXmnvNbc )! Or perhaps 10min of squat work (http://youtu.be/6nR2I6WXbvY ) is calling your name?

Listen to your body and give it what it needs– these mobility videos are simply suggestions and you should ultimately decide what should get done!

MINDFULNESS – 5min box breathing ( http://youtu.be/9R8776Outos ) with a focus on avoiding resistance.

See video for quick discussion regarding suffering and resistance in the context of mobility and mindfulness work ( http://youtu.be/x3U82MUlJCE ).

How has resistance caused unnecessary pain in your life? Procrastination is an excellent example of resistance and suffering in action– if you had only done that one thing as soon as it popped up, you would be over it! But no, of course we had to put it off until it came to a head.

As you approach your five minutes of box breathing today, consider the role of resistance in your mindfulness practice. Let stuff happen, don’t try to control it.

Resistance is a practice, just like mindfulness. You can get better at resisting your feelings and emotions, but that only amplifies your discomfort and pain rather than directly addressing the source. Do you practice action or resistance in your day-to-day life?

For five minutes today, practice action and try to turn off that resistance.

Like this post if you hit some mobility! Let me know which one you hit, the bully crank? Couch stretch?

Comment below with your thoughts on the mindfulness work! What did you think of the suffering equation?

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